Why am I using GotBackUp?

Why am I using GotBackUp in all the computers at home?



I am installing it on all the computers at home, including a desktop, my laptop, my wife´s laptop, and my daughters machines as well .
I use to take a lot of pictures from my children, ever since they were born, It was something I use to do all the time, taking slides ( do you remember those things?). I had several thousand slides and a couple of projectors. It was great at family reunions to show those pics!!.

After the family dinner, we all got together in the home parlor in front of the chimney. Then I placed the show. It was great to see all my kids growing up and all the funny things that happened during vacations or simple just looking how they had changed

At certain time my business in Mexico started to go down, I was a farmer and had a Lumber Pressure Treating Plant. I am not going to tell you all the reasons that took us out of business, but at certain time I had to start selling, so I could pay my debts, My 500 acres farm and the pressure treating plant went out. Luckily, at that time my elder son and daughter had already grew up, they were more than 20 years old already. The first pair (We had 2 sons and 2 daughters) had already finished college.

As we were living in a small farming town, they decided there was nothing for them to remain at home, and took the decision to move to the United States. It wasn´t long after that, my second pair of son and daughter decided to follow their brother and sister.

All of a sudden, my wife and I, were living alone in the house. That was the time when we decided to follow them. So we started selling everything that was left, even the house and packed everything else in a rented warehouse. After a couple of years, we learned that some burglars entered the building and stole whatever they wanted and destroyed everything that was not interesting for them. That was the end of my family slides collection. All the history of our wedding, the pictures of my sons and daughters since they were born, my dogs, my farm, even old pictures of my father, mother, brother and sisters. Were lost.

Have you ever lost your family pictures? That is a painful experience. We all are taking lots of pictures, but we are now doing it digitally and saving them in the computers, tablets or phones memories. Or in order to be more secure we use “external memories”.

Let me remaind you.. Computers get infected and files destroyed, external memories can be stolen or damaged by water or fire and have a limited usable life. The result can be the same; at the end you lose all your precious memories. It is a devastating experience. It makes you furious.. You start wondering. Why is that nobody tries to create something “really secure” at a reasonable price?.

The good news is.. There is something called “Storage At The Claud”!

This is something that takes a lot of big computers, (This is the cloud) that keep your digital files and creates backups of backups of backups. In another words, your files are stored in many computers located in different places around the world. A catastrophe may destroy one or two of those computers, buy it is nearly impossible for something to happen that will destroy all the computers at once.

GVO has that technology and capability and have the product they called GotBackUp and the prices are simply ridiculously small. Check the graphic. You can get the family plan for 5 (Yes Five computers) for as low as $12.99 a month. This is less than a breakfast for one full month.


1.- Your files are uploaded automatically to the cloud every 35 minutes. That means, you do not have to worry about updating your files in the cloud.

2.-Even if you have files, within a file (folders) and within another file, everything gets perfectly stored and kept in the cloud as you have them in your own computer. Really amazing!

3.- For me It took only three times I sat at my computer for no more than 2 hours to have all my files (61.50 GB / 58,238 | Folders: 6,213) perfectly stored in the cloud.. Automatically. I did not have to move a finger. Incredible but totally real!!

4.- You can play your videos, check your pics and change your files right in the cloud. Or you can download them anywhere you are. You will have to remember your login information and a computer or tablet with an internet connection.

5.- You can become a reseller and make money inviting friends and family into the program. Or can create an incredible easy recurring business that will provide income for the rest of your life. I have done that,, So if you decide to join and want to make money out of this opportunity, you will be in my group and I will help you to grow your downline.

6.- There are plans for companies and big corporations. Get involved and ask for information.

Here is a testimonial sent to Mr Joel Therien.. GVO owner and CEO.

Joel, first here is a short testimonial. I was checking my Got Back Up System today and I noticed doc’s I had just created on my PC had already been Backed UP! The speed at which this system works is Incredible and puts me at total ease knowing that I have a Cyber Partner Backing Me Up”.

Bruce Corkhill



Have your own Cyber Partner with GotBackUp and stop worrying about losing your precious pictures and files.

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