An invitation letter to learn Internet Marketing

This is an invitation to learn Internet Marketing

My name is Victor Martinez Becerril,
My wife and I live at 1017 Hampton Grove Rd.
in Waxhaw N.C. 28173.

I have been learning and doing Internet marketing
Since 2004. I want to be honest with you. Most
of my work has been in Spanish (That is my
natural language), but I have done work for
the English market as a mentor and creating
some information products.

You can check my profiles at:

And some other social sites.

This is an invitation to join my Newsletter
and introduce myself as your possible mentor
at no cost for you.

If you accept my invitation, please use the following
Link >>>HERE<<< There is a f*r*e*e report once
You register.

You can always decide to opt-out at any time.
Every message in my Newsletter has a link you can
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If you honor me with your acceptance to join my
Newsletter, I will be sending one email message to
your email address every other day with only
relevant information on “How to do Internet Marketing”.

There will also be some messages with suggested products
and software (programs) that are used to do Marketing
Online. Some are with zero cost and some are paid.

Hopefully, you will accept my invitation to join my
list. If you do so, I will work hard to earn your confidence
and never disappoint you with the results.

Hoping for your acceptance I remain at your service.







Victor Martinez Becerril and Luz Alicia Gonzalez

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