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My name is Victor Martinez B. and I am a retired Mexican Agronomist with a profound interest in Internet Marketing I also have a Master of Sciences in Horticulture from the University of California at Davis.

I was born in a very traditional Mexican family. My grandmother lived to her late 80´s and my grandfather lived almost 101 years. As I can remember, they call a doctor only if somebody broke a leg or something like that. She had a remedy for almost everything. My mother was just like her.
I am not going to ask you to do what she did to me and my brothers and sisters every time we had an eye infection. She squeezed a lemon on our eyes. That is really painful. But it worked.

If you had a bleeding cut in one knee, for instance, she used coffee grinds. Then again, as long as I can remember we had lots of bruises and cuts, and she was ready with some kind of remedy and never failed to cut the bleeding and we were ready for the next.
She always had in hand several medicine plants or herbs in her garden, along with roses and apple trees.

I am talking of things that happened in my life a little after the Second World War.

The town where we grew up was really small and there were not many Doctors, anyway. Not to mention hospitals or health care centers or something like that.

My life was a little wild, always around dogs, chickens, sheep, goats, cows and horses. I can imagine that she thought that whatever was good for animals should be good for people as well. Thanks God, we were able to survive.

My grandfather breakfast at 5 AM was a big bowl of oats, a raw egg and then he just walked towards the place where the nanny goats were, caught one and just squeezed some milk, right into the mix in the bowl. Then some little stirring with one finger and down it went. They did not know about pasteurized and homogenized milk.

I never heard of allergies until I came to the United States. And right now I am 75 years old and never had allergies or any other kind of illnesses besides of the ones I had when I was a child. (chicken pox, measles, whooping cough and mumps).

I heard about vaccines until I went to college, where I was asked to get all sort of vaccines, which I got, just because everybody was asking me to take them.

Maybe you can see the picture. I don´t like Doctors either. I know that we need them and I thank my Good Lord for them, but I like to try home remedies first and hoping I will never have a broken leg.

Just happens that my wife is also a great believer of herbs and alternative medicine practices, including some Chinese practices like Acupuncture. One of my Daughters had become a Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist that works along with her husband ( a Chinese Martial Arts and Tai Chi expert).

Right now, I am living in the great State of Arizona USA along with all my family.

Your friend
Victor Martinez B.

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