How to Persuade Advertisers To Send You Checks Every Month On Autopilot

In this article, I’m going to expose one of my best-kept blogging secrets that’ll make your customer handover fistful of money in less than a few short weeks of implementing this single powerful method. There’s nothing mystical or complicated about it because it’s simple at its core.

The method I’m referring to is the art and science of securing advertisers for your blog to make a hefty 4 to 5 figure (even 6 figures, if you have the Midas touch) per month.

So, the first step you want to do is ask yourself these key questions: What is it your ideal advertisers want, and why would they want to advertise on your blog?

Well, the first and obvious answer is to drive traffic to their business (online or offline) so they can drive more sales and create more profit for themselves.

Here’s how you get your first advertiser to your blog:

Contact well-known authority websites/blogs/e-commerce stores in your niche…and drop the big “F Bomb” — offer to give them FREE advertising.

The big difference with this bomb and the one that destroys everything in it’s path is this bomb clears a path for you to attract more advertisers and put more money in your pockets with less effort.

And guess what? Most bloggers will never do something that appears to be so insane as to “giving away the farm” without getting nothing in return — at first. Little do they know how powerful and effective this simple method will produce back-end profits to make any average blogger blush in envy.

Therefore, the fastest way to get your first advertiser is to offer it free. Not only will it get you’re feet wet on the process to setting everything up, it will give you the experience on dealing with future advertisers.

Then you’ll notice something a bit strange...

Other advertisers are going to fight tooth and nail to get a premium spot on your blog because they see “Authority Blog #1” endorsing your blog.

Can you guess what happens next?

Social Proof kicks in and other prospect advertisers jump onboard, because they don’t want to miss out on securing their spot on your blog every month while keeping the competitors at bay.

Next thing you know, you’re getting emails asking about your ad space and how much you charge. Don’t forget to have a “contact me” form on your blog otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself in the shin for missing out on thousands of dollars of potential income because you didn’t give them a way to contact you.

Remember: The GOAL is not for YOU to make money. That will take care of itself, if you make it your goal to help your advertisers make money — for themselves.

Going out of your way to make sure they get more than their money’s worth in traffic and sales (even pointing out areas on their website in which they can improve to boost sales) will keep them coming back for more like a kid running after the ice cream truck.

Eventually, advertisers are going to fight tooth and nail to get a chance to get a spot on your next monthly spot — creating social proof that snowballs on itself and creates a momentum of emails and inquiries you couldn’t stop from storming in — even if you tried.

Not a bad problem to have.

Here’s what you do next: Take this method and put it into massive action. Do a basic Google search and look for a well-respected authority website in your target niche and follow the system I laid out above because it works.

Now, go out there and make yourself a 5-figure bloggers monthly income on autopilot!

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