Living a debt free lifestyle

What is a debt?

Debt is simply the money you owe; it is an amount of money or other property that is owed by one person, organization or company. It is not the credit you owe as credit turn into debts.

How do you get into debt?

Getting into debt is very easy and maybe it is fun for some people, as it might impress them. As a first look, people are happy, they can buy without having cash, and they can afford to get a car even without having the budget etc. but they missed the best part, they will live and drive this car for 12 years to make payments and pay huge interests for what already impressed them!

Debt is as Cholesterol.

Who never heard of cholesterol? Much like cholesterol, where there is a good and bad cholesterol, debts comes in two versions. Good and bad debts. Living a debt frree lifestyleDebts can make your life easier or ruin your life but however bad your debt problems, there is a solution. People and businesses who know how to handle debts and how to manage their credits can take advantage of debts while people especially young who does not have a big knowledge in debt management and creating debt reduction plans are always in troubles.

Debts can also be classified as temporary or chronic debts.

In most cases, there are very good reasons to take on debt. For example, students take loans, which are a good thing, but we insist that you must know how to handle and pay off your debts after graduation.
Also taking debts for setting up a business is good but it depends how the structure is going to be setup. You must have a clear plan, and know how much money you would need and the most important, how to pay it back. In such cases, debt is a part of the business success.
If you can afford to pay cash and limit the risk of taking debts, do it! Do not hesitate to pay by cash when you have the money.
The problem is when you borrow money but do not use it productively. More clearly, debts are good when you invest it and NOT simply spend it. Taking debts simply to spend it is the bad thing ever. Debts must be under control. You must know very well how to pay back your debts. Create plans, especially rapid reduction plan. This e-book will show you how to proceed with managing your debts and become debt free in half the time.

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Living a debt free lifestyle

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