About me

Victor Martinez is a retired Mexican Agronomist with a Master of Sciences on Horticulture and Viticulture. He has dedicated most of his life helping Mexican farmers to grow grapes, and is very happily married with Luz Alicia Gonzalez (She has two sites Como Hace Jabon En Casa   And Tejiendo Con Luz . They had 2 daughters and 2 sons. He is also the proud Grandpa of a handsome 16 years old boy and two beautiful girls, one is  7 years old and the other  is only 7 months old.

Victor and most of his family live now in the USA. He discovered the Internet and became obsessed with its potential to create wealth around 2004. He is now creating mobile Android apps, developing his Internet marketing business promoting affiliate products and AdSense mini sites, If you want to learn something about these topics, stay in touch with this site.

Victor is the founder and CEO of VMB Digital, and has become a very enthusiastic creator and user of video in many forms to promote local businesses,

In this site you will be able to check several of those videos.

Yours truly

Victor Martinez B

Victor Martinez Becerril