The New Money Making Paradigm

We all need money, and there are many ways to aquire it. The most common way to solve this “problem” is by getting a job.

That is the old way of getting money paradigm. I remember my mother, saying, go to college, get a degree and then you will find a good job.

What is the real meaning of “getting a Job”?

Getting a job, is working for some one else. Or changing your most valuable asset (time) for money.

As you may know, you may lose money, but it is something you can recover. Or you can even lose your house, or your car, but you can always buy a new house or a new car. But if you are losing your time, there is no way to recover those hours, days, months or years. You got so many hours, days, months or years in your life, and not one second more! One day, you and I will be done with our time. Kaput!! Finish! Nada!

So, we better get wise on the way we use our time!

What about some great education?

I think education is great, but it will not make you rich!  It will bring you prestige, will make you feel very important and maybe a midleclass life. If that is what you want… Great, fine! Get a college degree and be happy.  But being financially free, having time to spend it with your family, traveling the world, playing golf, or going to several vacations every year and having the house and car of your dreams; those things you will never have, if you just get a job.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg just said. Getting a college degree is a waste of time if you want to be rich!

The same goes for every super wealthy americans like Bill GatesJeff Bezos,  the legendary Steve Jobs. and many more. Lots of them are or were college dropouts.

There is a science on getting rich.

Here is an old video from Robert Kiyosaki, he has a lot to say about this topic.


Unfortunately, the “original” plan to make money is unlikely to work anymore. This is because of the changes that are happening and will be happening. And if you have no plans for your life yet, then you should start working on that. Yes, as soon as after you’ve done reading here

The good old day’s plan was this; send your kids to an awesome school and spend hundreds of thousands so that they’ll have an awesome job that pays them a truckload of money when they’re done studying.

I kid you not; some parents still believe this plan works.

Why it’s not working as well as it should anymore?

Firstly, the education syllabus may not prepare them for the “real world”. We all know that.

Secondly, the competition will be growing or be changing in times to come (again).

Thirdly, due to technology, you really can’t predict how’s that job’s going to be in 10 years down the road. Compare to 50 or even 30 years ago, things  change because of technology.  But here’s the thing:

At the end of the day, I would still think that education is important and I’m sending my children to schools and doing my best to give them the best education possible. But it’s not for the purpose of achieving personal freedom or ensuring a good financial reward. It’s mainly for the experience and the knowledge. Something that will be with them for their life time.

If you want to ensure the elimination of financial worries, I would suggest that you build your own business AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That is the only thing you can count on to be yours.

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